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instagram: @zazenbeauty

Zazen Beauty

152 E. Gay St

West Chester, PA.  

610-379-3986 - Call/Text

instagram: @zazenbeauty

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the requirements to take the Microblading Class?

1) Each student must have a steady hand. Microblading is a very detailed and artistic skill. Although you do not need to be an artist, If a student cannot draw a straight line on paper, then we recommend not taking the class as it is very detailed. You must also be able to see up close. If you cannot see up close, we typically recommend reading glasses at your local drugstore or Magnifying glasses from Amazon or you may have hard time doing Microblading.

2) Each student will be required to take an online blood borne pathogen test through the Red Cross. It's an Online Test and It takes about 20-30 minutes to complete online and will be sent to you upon your registration. (Red Cross Online Test is $35).

3) Microblading is a form of Cosmetic Tattoo. Please check and adhere to your local/state tattoo regulations before actually doing Microblading on clients in a professional setting. Each state or local municipality may have different local tattoo regulations. This class is a Certificate of Completion for Microblading, Manual Shading, and Brow Mapping and is Not a License. Health codes, licensing, and legal requirements may vary from state to state and/or township to township for Cosmetic Tattoo. When in doubt, Google your local township + Cosmetic Tattoo Laws or Email me at or call/text me at 610-379-3986 and I will help research for you.

Do I work on a Live Model? Yes - 2 Models.

Yes, We ask that each student bring a live model on the Final Day of Class. You also have the option of bringing a second model back on another scheduled day for more feedback. This allows you to work on 2 models in total with supervision from the instructor.

If you need us to find a Microblading Model, There is a $400 dollar model fee in order for us to find a model for you since we offer a Free Touch up by the instructor to the model.

How long is the Class?

The class includes 3 or 4 days live in person and along with some Pre work Online. This allows you to focus more hands on with instructor.

Sun- 10am-5pm - Optional 4th Day

Mon - 10am-5pm

Tues- 10am-6pm

Wed - Model Day for 3 hours.

Online Pre Work covers Microblading Theory and must be done PRIOR to coming to class on our Student E-Learning Platform.

Why should you pick our class over others?

We've been doing Microblading for over 5 years and have done thousands of clients. We also have classes monthly that sell out from students all over the Northeast.

There is a reason why people drive 3-5 hours to come to our training. It's because its small, personable, high quality, professional, has lots of resources after class to help you, and we actually care about our students.

We want you to succeed and have active communication through email, text, and our Private Student Facebook group for our students. If you are willing to put in the work, we are willing to help you succeed.

Still have doubts? Schedule a training tour with us at our training studio by emailing us >>

Also Check us out on instagram for more pictures, videos, and highlights: @zazenbeauty and @browandlashsecrets.

When is the Ombre Powder Brow Class and Why should you Learn Ombre Powder Machine Shading?

If you pick the 4th day option, it will typically be held the Sunday before the Microblading Class. If you only learn Microblading, sometimes not all clients may not be suitable for Microblading.

Ombre Powder Machine Shading is good for clients with Oily Skin or if someone is having retention problems with Microblading.

Sometimes when you only Microblading it may not fill in all the gaps and you'll have to do some shading. With Ombre Machine Shading, it can be more precise, less painful, better retention, and provide more even coverage.

At our salon, about Half of our clients do combo brows, some microblading and some machine shading (Ombre Machine Shading). It can give clients some more fullness to their brows fills in between their strokes and it will last longer for them.

If you learn Ombre Machine Shading, this allows you to have another tool in your skillset to offer to clients since not all clients will be a good fit and you can customize their brows much better for them.

It's not required to take the class, but we always recommend it since we do about 3-5 clients a day and about half of them get some type of combo brows with Microblading and Machine Shading (Ombre Machine Shading). About 90% of students take the 4 day option with the exception being people who already know Ombre Machine Shading.

(Ombre uses a machine vs. Microblading uses a manual tool).

Are there payment Plans?

We don’t currently offer internal financing but recommend you apply for PayPal Credit.

Lots of our students have applied through PayPal Credit. You can Get No Interest if paid in full in 6 month if approved for this financing.

Here is the link to apply >>

If you get approved and go through that financing program, we can invoice you the student tuition through Paypal.

When will I will receive my Certificate?

You will receive a Certificate of Completion on the Final Day of Training.

What's in the Microblading Kit and Do I need to get anything else after class?

The kit is enough to do about 25 clients and has everything you need to do Microblading. Only other thing you'll need to get is a Bed/Table and a light. We also are a distributor so you can order supplies through us as well to get discounts since we buy in large bulk quantities.

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